The Passion of the Lars

I took this shot of my friend Lars with off-camera flash, using a flash cord I received in the mail today. I think it looks a little biblical. Well it looks about as biblical as the paintings Lars is doing for a Christian art show. He showed me a painting of a half-nude woman eating breakfast in bed. "If you read into it, it could be Christian," Lars said. I was surprised to hear him tell me he was entering paintings in a Christian art show. He's just not a real religious person, more spiritual ... you know what I mean. It's just that we hang out around the White House neighborhood and Christians have been getting a bad name around here from that George "W" guy. "I just want to get one of those under my belt," he said. "One of what," I asked. He was talking about the art show as if it were a notch in the Christian belt. Odd.