Morning Glory

I woke up at 6am to see the sunrise. While I was making a hoagie for breakfast my niece Carol said it was one of the least spectacular sunrises she has seen here. I believe her. I think more clouds would have made it better. We rode the horses this morning.

Practice for Easter

After riding the horses I took some portraits of my great-niece Reba while my steak was cooking on the grill.

Old Dog -- Old Trick

After lunch I cut and welded some parts of a corral together for my sister Patti. If anyone mentions welding I always say I'm decent at it even though I was a 14-year-old in high school the last time I welded. I am now 26. Today I proved to myself that I am indeed a decent welder. I had to have a little practice at first but it wasn't long before I felt like a pro. And remember, aways keep your mask down when welding!

Dinner, Buffet Style

After riding the horses again in the afternoon we got hungry. We ended up at the International Buffet for dinner. Fridays they have crab legs and they were awesome. It also gave my nephew Hayden and my great-niece Michelle a chance to enjoy their favorite dessert -- a plate of assorted jello and black olives.

Ssnakeyes at Sharkey's

Tonight me and my niece Becky and her husband Bill went out to a place called Sharkey's and watched an awesome rock band called Ssnakeyes play a variety of good music. Small band big talent, bad beer good people. Then before hitting the sack we stopped at a southern favorite to get some breakfast, The Waffle House. Goodnight.