A Day of Great Accommodations

Today I left Florida and my family. It was a great last day there and an fun night back in D.C. The flight I got on was over-booked as usual. I boarded the plane only to find that they double-book the entire isle I was assigned to -- meaning someone was in my seat! While the stewardesses figured out the dilemma I stuffed my carry-ons into an overhead bin and walked to the back of the plane to use the restroom. When I came back out they had started to sort things around. I stood patiently in the isle while it seemed everyone else was taken care of first, and they were. Then they called me and said, "It's your lucky day." I was sitting in first class. I even ate the free first-class meal and had the genuine first class company of Fran. When I got my baggage my friend Katie picked me up from the airport. We went to the Russian bar, Maxim for Nigerian Night. Then we walked around this lively city. On my way back home through busy Adams-Morgan I talked to a couple friends who were driving by. The streets were packed. The clubs let-out and fights were brewing. I stopped by the Blue Room to say hi to Solomon (Solid-Man) and Susan. I meandered up the crowded street through fights and disorderly conduct. Spring Break is underway.