Saint Teresa the Little Flower

Right outside my front door I have a bust of Saint Teresa. Some guy in Pittsburgh gave me the statute when I was walking through an Italian part of town. The strange thing about this statue is if you turn it upside down there is another statue of a saint molded upside down inside. It is a little creepy. Saint Teresa the Little Flower is also the Santeria diety of ancestors.

Visiting America's Louvre du Jour

Ari, Andrew, and Maris walk toward the East Wing of the National Gallery. The prism sculpture they are walking past is similar to a sculpture greeting visitors in Paris at the Louvre. It was not a coincidence that they were designed by the same man, Pei.

Riding Museum Rides

The National Gallery has the largest elevator I've ever been in. The only larger elevator I have ever been on was on an aircraft carrier and it was for planes, not people.

Beautiful Produce

Today was my first ever visit to the National Arboretum. It will not be my last. Most of plants smell delicious. This may be one of my new favorite museums. When I took a whiff from an orchid ... it smelt like dead snails. I mentioned it to one of the staff. "Yes," he chuckled. "They're some of our best." That place is different.