Day and Night

This dude has the second best hat in Seoul, after my Steelers cap.

A picture of me in the mirror at the Chinese place next to my apartment. I sometimes eat jajung for breakfast -- noodles with black bean sauce.

Everyone at Tom n Toms before Kevin catches the bus back to the San Francisco. We may never see him again! (And he spoke decent Korean!)

After work, HeiSaun seems happy talking on the phone outside She's Bar in Hyundai Venture Ville (where I live).

One of the best meals on earth is sundubu chigae at GooMaGoon.

HyungSu is possibly the best cook in Seoul. She makes the chigae, along with my other favorite, godenga yahng nyam gui.

Not long ago, KunHyungNim was the #1 Bantam Weight boxer in Asia, and #3 in the world. Now he owns the supermarket behind Venture Ville and takes us to the norabang (karaoke).

KunHyungNim likes to sing, the first time I met him we ended up at the norabang. Tonight he is trying to get the girls to go, too.

"No, we're going to sleep," say the girls. But we'll sing here.

But, we end up at the norabang, anyway.

My favorite thing to do is sing songs I don't know, including back up for Korean songs.

Later, at She's Bar, it appears HeiSaun is no longer happy.