Maine Wildlife Park

The Maine Wildlife Park opened for its first day this year yesterday. Many of the animals there are hurt and need to be taken care of.

A deer through the trees.

My neighbor Donna went too. According to a measurement at the Maine Wildlife Park she is not as tall as the shoulders of an adult moose.

Sometimes the wildlife park seemed a bazaar of bizarre -- roadside attractions.

There was a mountain lion (not pictured).

Some wildlife cages.

A lynx is camouflaged in a cage.

A moose is seen though a chain linked fence.

Of all the animals a bear seemed most secure. A good thing.

Is it white that's supposed to be all the colors combined? Yeah. That's a colorful peacock!

A fox poses for visitors.

More wildlife: Driving back there was a bald eagle flying along I-95. And I later found a tick on my leg.