Meeting People in Maine

The more antennas you have the better chance you have of meeting friends in Maine.
1) I looked into online dating. It's about the same as meeting someone on a seedy strip at night, or a truck stop lot along the highway.
2) I was going to go to the camera club meeting, but I had to work.
3) I was going to go to the lecture, the opening, to see the play, the band - but I had to work. Better to have a job than a life. With no job, there can never be a life.
4) When I brush my teeth before going to sleep I imagine a woman killing herself right on the other side of my shower curtain. She disturbs me. Or do I disturb her?
5) As soon as I lie down and shut my eyes, I am awake again.
6) Copy editing is the Dickinsonian job of the dead, a grotesque infant in a cradle called Maine.