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Survey Says: Development.

Performance Art: I stopped to take a picture when, Chris, a gas station clerk is reloading the over-head cigarette dispenser.
'You got to love it for the art of it,' said Chris as I snapped the shutter.
'It is like art. Performance art,' I said thinking of smokers. The spending of unnecessary money on unnecessary crops (even the farmers are performers), and blowing smoke from their faces like Chinese dragons. 'Extreme performance art, people killing themselves over a number of years.'
'It's a tragedy,' said Chris, possibly alluding to Shakespeare.

I read in an AP article, that in their latest effort to help kick the mass habit, scientists have been testing a vaccine, NicVAX.
'There's merit in it,' said lead researcher, Dr. Stephen Rennard of the University of Nebraska.
One of Rennard's compatriots, Director of Medications Development at the National Institute on Drug Abuse Dr. Frank Vocci, represents an organization that has given $8 million for research so far.
Said Vocci, 'It clearly shows promise.'

A lost art.