Things I Learned Friday in Augusta Maine

1. 58 Winthrop Street This big apartment lodge on 58 Winthrop Street in Augusta Maine has 15 apartments. Mine only has 4.

2. Weather on Friday Friday was foggy or misty it was calender weather here in Augusta Maine. Beautiful and warm and foggy with church steeples everywhere. New New England. The leaves look like they're burning themselves off the trees.

3. Gas Station Art I'm selling out. Doing gas art now. Gas Fine Art. That's where the money is, gas. Gas Fine Art is smart. The next obvious thing.
(It's actually the new-old thing. Which started with the construction of U.S. Highways, and then freeways. And before that railway, Westward Expansion. European highway paintings. South American map murals on the sides of temples. Aztec calendars. Mounds.
Trying to figure out where you are, where your going, how you're going to get there. Who you are? Or Charlie Brown's question, "Why?!"
Or stay home and watch The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.)

4. I remembered There are no telephone poles in cities.