Sunday Driving Camden Maine

Sunday Driving: Two Churches in Augusta Maine.

Sunday Drive in Maine: Here is a Sunday-Drive Digital Video, or SDDV. There were some areas between Augusta Maine and the coast that had pasted the peak of fall colors. The branches were bare; the leaves weren't there.

SDDV-2 Driving on Route 17 from Augusta Maine to Camden Maine between the leaves and churches.

SDDV-3 Driving past Mirror Lake Maine.

Two Views from Mount Megunticook Hi. I live in Maine, New England, United States of America.

MPSV (Me Panting Simulated Video) I hiked as fast as I could to get to the top. Unfortunately I made that obvious with the panting in my video. (Hey, I had my camera bag!)

At Mount Megunticook I met this girl Erika who is leaving New England in a couple days for New Mexico. She's been traveling around the country and the world with some kind of physician assistant program.
Before Maine, she was in Rwanda. I though it was dangerous over there?!
Erika is staying near Camden with friends. We went to Cappy's Chowder House to get beer and chowder.