Maine Road Trip: Camden Hills State Park

Foliage: The drive through Maine, from point anywhere to point anywhere is beautiful this time of the year. And dangerous. There are so many people out there, from all over the world driving and taking in this glowing scenery. It burns holes in your eyes. Probably sends some cars off the road.

Route 27 Church: I love these churches up here. A wooden-Gothic style.

Wiscasset Church: A wooden, Gothic spike on a Wiscasset church's steeple. They usually have four, at each corner of their square, wooden steeples.

Camden Hills State Park: It costs three dollars to enter Camden Hills State Park. You can also camp there. But I haven't had two days off in a row for a while, so I make the most of it by running Mount Megunticook.
Passing people, I would excuse myself saying, 'I only have one day off this weekend.'

Mount Megunticook, 100607: Nice.

Maine Views: Two views from Mount Megunticook.

Other Hikers: I met up with the English again at the top of the view. There were other hikers there too. The view.

North Haven & Vinalhaven: You can easily see North Haven and Vinalhaven from Mount Megunticook. And you could take the ferry to Vinalhaven. If you have time.

Passers-bye: 'Only one day off this weekend,' and I'm passing people on the way down.

Apple Harvester: Apples. Everywhere up here right now. I get mine from Lakeside Orchards in Manchester. It's at the western edge of Augusta.

Forest Harvester: Trees. Everywhere up here right now. There are a lot of tree harvesters up here. I haven't seen any barren plots yet.

Barren Plot: Here is a barren plot full of logs.

Instant Camper: Mattress in the van.

Paul's Pick-a-Part: At the edge of Augusta sits this junkyard. Have to keep it in mind for possible future transplants to my lobtstering truck.

Route 17 Church: Here is a church on Maine Route 17. It's across from Paul's Pick-a-Part. If it's Sunday, you might kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.