New-New Journalism

A grad student at
Georgetown University
is going to interview
me as part of her
Comm. Culture & Tech
thesis project.
I was flattered that
she would want
my opinion (and
that her professor
recommend she inter-
view me)! Her research
focuses on images of
war. In thinking on
this subject recently
I wrote:

New-New American
recognizes that
many times a picture
tells the story better
than words can. A
Story is both visual
and verbal. Imagine
as language itself
was being developed
by man, at one
time language
gestures were
probably more
prominent (than words). In
ancient tales of
battle these
gestures are (and translate into) the
images of war
we see in the
newspapers and
on televisions.

Not sure how profound it is.
But it's cool to think about.