New Colonial Living

My new colonial
apartment is located
in the second floor
of this awesome
Maine-esque Apartment
Home. I think there
is less space wasted
in northern homes.
I am used to the 9 -
10 foot ceilings of D.C.
(Which was probably better
for the climate, the sweltering
summer humidity and all.
It could also be where all
the extra rent money goes.)
Here the ceilings on
buildings are lower
which I imagine is
more comfortable,
even cozier when
it comes to Winter
weather. (Also, more
affordable to heat. If
you're renting an
apartment in Maine,
chances are your
landlord is paying
the heating bill.)
I'll probably
regret saying this
but, I can't wait
for the seasons
here! We are on
the verge of the
picturesque Fall
New Colonial, New
World, New England
-remember shower curtain
-get a spoon
-used rifle, 30.06?