Living in Maine

Living in Maine is like living in a National Park. No, not like 'the bums in D.C.' type of living in a National Park. The 'living in a national treasure' kind of living in a National Park.
Yeah, there are the downers. Like that guy I met at the Edwards House Inn who was fresh out of prison, for the second time. A Marine Corps vet who said, "... Yeah, so I decided to come to Maine. Because I thought, who's gonna find me here?!"
It had me thinking that maybe a lot of convicts come here and that's the reason the sheriff wants to rent a 'mobile unit' to house the overflow of the over-capacity county jail. The state government is already trying to take over control of the statewide county corrections system in an attempt to save money.
But as I was saying, Maine, in its entirety, is a giant National Park. And I live in the middle of it. (See, that only sounds good to some long-term tourists, like me.)