Bogata, Columbia Artist Exhibits in Augusta, Maine

Stretching My Legs: I'm not actually stretching these legs, made by the artist Marcela Rodriquez, I'm straightening them out after they have been in my storage unit. I finally have a new place, here in Maine, and I am looking for a piece of wall to stick these red legs on.
Coincidentally, after I rolled these legs out yesterday, Marcela contacted from Bogata, Columbia. And I had been thinking about contacting her too. I am finally beginning to learn that life is full of these coincidences. Some happy. (Some leading to a terrible death by the hand of an deranged clown who fires you from a circus canon and through a screen of titanium mesh leaving the 74 percent of your body that is water on the smiling spectators.)
Oh, yes coincidence ... I should also mention that she gave me these legs in payment for photographing her exhibit at Meat Market Gallery in D.C., towards the end of 2006. These legs are a beautiful piece of art. She is a beautiful artist. Coincidence?