The Airport of America

Riding the escalators all day in the Airport of America baybee
watching the watches under the counter
where are we going to see art?
to see the Streets Of New York?
right here in America?
the capitol city of the world bay-bee
NGA, the Airport of America baybee
sandwiches are $10
coming to you live from 4th Street NW
are there steps over here?
of course this is America we have steps everywhere
big Ivory, Marble staircases
We art walk everywhere
with our hands behind our backs
Artwalking in America baybee!
the Airport of America Baby

rain snow or cold
look out that window
it's hot outside
this is America
Coming to you live from the streets
from right off the streets of America
We are tourist on our own tour
this is America
our car is made of Granite and Marble
and we have the biggest buses too
we are Americans
we are in America
At the Airport of America Baybee