Smooth Operators

This is Jenn, the student body president at the Corcoran. She is from Virginia and talking to her boyfriend who is there, after our morning humanities class. She is a good student who took Advanced Placement English in high school. She is also a writing tutor at the library's writing center.

. . .

Jose is using the phone on the way home from our night studio lighting class. He is always complementing me on my photos. Jose is an immigrant from Cuba working on his BFA in Fine Arts Photography at the Corcoran. I believe his first degree was in Library Arts and he worked for the Cuban government. He eventually got on a crowded boat and headed for the U.S. The boat was turned around by the Coast Guard and Jose lived at Guantanamo Bay teaching Art History and curating art exhibits in the refugee camp for a couple years.

. . .

Joe borrowed my cell phone today. He works at Swing's but he just came into the coffee shop to say "hi." He is busy preparing to leave in two days. He is headed to his home country of Morocco to help his family there for a couple weeks.