Nightmare of a Studio Day

This is a test shot my friend Don took of me today. We were in the studio shooting the 4x5 camera for our studio lighting class all day. We were there today because the tension springs on the camera back are loose and cause light to leak ruining our previous weeks of shooting. We knew this day would be just as bad when we arrived at the studio and the key for the main gear locker was missing. We wasted an hour looking for keys and talking to maintenance until me and Don finally decided to use a hammer and awl to knock the pin out of the lock hinge. After we sorted out the equipment that worked from the equipment that didn't work we started shooting. We had to take proof shots with my digital camera because the 2 Polaroid back at school are malfunctioning. We had successfully taken two film shots when the strobe (or flash) we had placed above on the lighting boom popped, sparked, and smoked ... we had blown a strobe and the fuse for the studio. The lab technician, Antonio, let us work well past the normal hours of the studio. Because of that we finally got some work done after we used extension cords to conduct our power from neighboring rooms.

This is my friend and fellow classmate Don. This is another photo we took to test the lighting arrangement in the studio. In this photo I was trying to recreate a historical portrait that used a background pattern to create an "urban" effect. Out of hunger caused by frustration we eventually went "halves" on a pizza.