I got a bus headed downtown today. Arrived too late to meet a friend from class at the studio. I developed some film instead. All of the film that was in my flat file turned out black. The two sheets of 4x5 I developed for a classmate which turned out perfect. After that hung out with a couple friends who live by the school in Foggy Bottom. When I left there I bought two 99 cent cheeseburgers from McDonald's and ate the second one on the wrong bus. I got on the 32 instead of the 42. I got off a couple blocks later. Called another friend and stopped by his place to watch some television. Played a couple video games and started my walk home. On the way I followed some drunken punks around. They were yelling and trying to cause trouble. I thought I might get some good pictures ... no. Then Solomon and Susan saw me and gave me a ride home. Easter was filled with victories and defeats.