Entertaining Your Visitors at Haydee's

This is my friend Jen and her Parents Diane and Bob. They drove down here from Upstate New York to visit Jen for Easter. If you live in the District you become prepared to have more visitors than just your parents. I've had my share of visitors. You become a private tour guide. It's fun. One of the problems you might run into while guiding your own tour around D.C. is what to do at night if your guests don't partake in the tom foolery that surrounds drinking alcohol. In two years I have come up with four answers to this question -- movies, coffee, bookstore, or sleep. Tonight Jen was visiting Mount Pleasant with her parents so I met them at Haydee's Salvadorian Cuisine. Quirky atmosphere, the food is decent and always hardy. The only real drawbacks are it's a little too authentic and the slow service. It took four requests to finally get the check.