Flailing at Good Danny's

"Light skin, can I get fifty cents?" "Sorry dude," I said to the sidewalk man. I stepped into Good Danny's Chinese, American, seafood, pizza joint to get a snack burger for my walk home. Before that I was celebrating Mardi Gras with my friends, Andrew and Maris. It was getting late and I hadn't taken many pictures so I decided to walk home. I found myself criss-crossing around streets following police lights in hopes of a photo. About five people were just routinely pulled over. I walked past a vacant lot and some cops had a prostitute and client held for questioning. By the time I got across town I saw a bunch of cops and emergency vehicles in a usual hot spot, 14th and Park Rd. I started trotting up the hill. When I arrived at the scene there was a man being loaded into an ambulance. Looked like health problems. The cops recognized me from Mt Pleasant. When I got to my neighborhood I joked with the guys at 7eleven that I would have to change my hat so they wouldn't recognize me. They all laugh and I realized my hat fell out of my back pocket. I found it lying on the corner of 14th and Park.