We Wish You a Christmas Pudding and a Happy New Year

This is my brother-in-law's traditional Christmas pudding. Well, actually it's the first time he's ever attempted to make it. I was eating bite by little bite thinking it was an old Welsh family recipe passed down from a long line of fog-walking tea drinkers ... but no. Even my niece Carol was cajoled into thinking he had been making it for years after a story he told about his mother's own Christmas pudding.

[Woke up this fine Christmas morning to a happy laughing family. We opened our eyes. We opened our presents. And, we opened the wrong presents. (Whoops!) I came here imagining that we would be fighting and miserable all stuck in the same house, all 10 of us. Come to think of it that doesn't sound like too many. But, this is the first time my Mom, my two sisters, my brother, and me have all been together in over ten years. I hope everyone feels as loved as the members of our family. Happy Holidays.]