The State of Jefferson

We drove from San Francisco to Eugene, Oregon today. We had an ample amount of irritating stops at yokle diners. The weather was a lot better than we expected, a little rain. We left at about 10am from San Fran and arrived in Eugene at 10pm. Twelve hours in a car with my brother, sister-in-law, and my year-old nephew -- amazingly we all survived. The biggest pain-in-the-neck (literally) was trying to sleep in the sitting position.

[This is a sandwich I enjoyed off Interstate 5 in Williams, Ca. A lot of citizens in the upper half of California would like to seceed from the rest and become a seperate state. If they had their way it would be known as the state of "Jefferson." This seperation is something I can remember folks talking about in Orange County 20 years ago. It's a California myth, something that started as a wacky idea or rumor. Other examples -- earthquakes will cause California to break off into the Pacific, or that a state would actually elect a porn star as governer.]