The Longest Saturday in Seoul

This Saturday may have been the longest ever for me in Seoul. We all had to work at 8:30am because Monday was a snow day. After work I met some friends to drive a couple hours south to one of their friends baby's first birthday party.
In Korea you first birthday seems like a wedding or something -- they have birthday halls, like they have wedding halls!
After the birthday four of us went snowboarding. It was my first time and I don't know why that is, because it is really fun!! (Although my butt is very sore from falling all the time.) My first time down the hill took like an hour. The second time was a lot better. And the last time I was even taking pictures as I was riding, and I only fell like 4 times.
After that to Gomagoon, then noraebang where I sang to myself for the last 20 minutes. Then finally to sleep at 6am.