Last Day of 2007, Augusta Maine

Homeland Security Maine: Steve Arsenault, a Neighborhood Watch commander, patrols a neighborhood of west Augusta Maine. He said the Neighborhood Watch Program, founded by the National Sheriffs Association, now falls under the Department of Homeland Defense.

"In weather like this I try and do my best to help people out in the snow."

Neighbors: Some neighbors relaxing in the snow.

Father Curran Bridge: The Father John J. Curran Bridge is kind of creepy. According to a recent newspaper article he is being accused of sexual abuse, postmortem. And had been accused several times in his life.

Augusta Maine 123107: A view of Augusta Maine from the Father John J. Curran Bridge, Dec. 31, 2007.

Sidewalk Snowblower: A sidewalk snowblower cleans a side of the Father John J. Curran Bridge in Augusta Maine.

But the sidewalk snowblower is needed on Western Avenue on the other side of town. On Western Avenue in Augusta Maine they plow all the snow onto the sidewalk making it impassible without snowshoes. I watched this guy walk the edge of the road (as I once had to, and the next day got snowshoes), an only resort if you are walking with no snowshoes.
The plowing snow onto the sidewalk is so bad, I even had to walk in the road a few times on the way to work, and I was wearing snowshoes.

Hard boiling eggs.

Snowy trail up the embankment to the Kennebec Journal. The path I take to work.

Maine Capitol The beginning of 2008!