Augusta Maine Report, 120607

Development on Western Avenue Augusta Maine.

58 Winthrop Street Apartment Lodge: 'I manage a lot of the buildings in this area, but this one is my baby,' said Thomas, a property manager in Augusta Maine. 'You're going to see a lot of improvements to her over the next year.'
Thomas was standing on a ladder hanging light strands. 'Merry Christmas,' he said.

No man smoking reading his manuscript at the corners of Chapel & Court Streets in Augusta Maine.

Arrive at work and it's dark.

Scoop Face/ Jug Head

Late Night Snow Parade: Construction graders with snow plow attachments form a windrow of snow in the center lane of Western Avenue sometime after midnight.

Late Night Snow Parade: A front loader with an industrial snow auger attachment.

Late Night Snow Parade: A plow truck refines the snow windrows as the snow auger loads a line of dump trucks in a process similar to harvesting grains via combine. Efficient.

Late Night Snow Parade: Full trucks roll east on Western Avenue to dispose of the snow. Empty trucks head west on Western Avenue to reload.

Maine Nativity at Saint Michael Parish in Augusta Maine.

Apartment Lodge, side: A side angle of one of my favorite apartment lodges on Sewall Street in Augusta Maine.