Thinking About God in Maine

I forget when I stopped believing in god. It was sometime right after I got back from Afghanistan. (I was Confirmed at sea on the USS Bataan by the ship's chaplain Father Scordo.) Lately I was thinking life is a lot easier when you believe in god. You always have someone to pray to or talk to. (Because, isn't talking to yourself crazy?)
My oldest sister told me that you can see the stories of the bible and other religious book as stories of strength. Replacing the meaning of god with the idea of inner strength. I like that.
Religion also keeps us from the tormenting question, 'Why are we here?'

Soldiers in Maine marching in the armory parking lot for god and country. A life with meaning.

Does god send geese south for the winter?

St Michael Poem
-ake -ide -ike -ole -ube -ute
cake side like mole cube cute
take hide pike pole