Events of Saturday in Brunswick and Portland Maine

Brunswick Maine: One Church.

Brunswick Maine: Two Church.

Brunswick Maine: Three Church.

Brunswick Maine: Four Church.

Bowdoin College: Campus Chapel.

Bowdoin College: Bowdoin College Museum of Art.
One of everything
Rauschenberg, Warhol,
Kiki Smith, Frank Kline,
Picasso, Manet, Monet, Klee,
Homer, Mary Cassatt
& the almghty Albrecht
Durer ... Rubens,
Brugel the Elder, van
[Hong Lei]- Landscape Photo
Freidlander, Cindy Sherman,
Callahan, Winogrand,
Gertrude Kasebier

Bowdoin College: Studzinski Recital Hall

Bowdoin College: Boston Modern Orchestra Project played works commissioned by Bowdoin College in celebration of the opening of Studzinski Hall.
If more band kids were studzinskis, less of them would get picked on by the football team. (Haha, good one self.)

Congress Street Portland Maine: A very short clock tower at High & Free Streets near Longfellow Square.

Congress Street Portland Maine: Looking east down Congress Street Portland Maine.

Congress Street Portland Maine: Coffee by Design, I stopped in for 3 coffees in about an hour, it was about 30 degrees outside walking around.

Congress Street Portland Maine: Maine College of Art, MECA.

Congress Street Portland Maine: Strange Maine was having a performance art piece. No false advertising here.

Congress Street Portland Maine: Possibly the oldest ATM in the U.S.

Congress Street Portland Maine: Geno's.

Geno's Rock Club:
Geno's Portland Maine
Yes there is Brackish
water here
but no, it's after 9
and the band
hasn't started
yes I'll have another
yes I have cash
yes yes yes yes yes yes
no I don't mind if
Geno stops the Jukebox
to start the band ...
but, someone else
has a quarter, so
that's not gonna happen
Even in Portland Maine
My phone will not
send picture
yes it's a T-Moblie
yes I have a full
no i can't send
but yes I do like
the robot lobster
on the wall
'Butter, Will Robinson!
After I almost nearly
put $2 in the juke
the opening band
begins almost nearly
1 1/2 hours after
they are scheduled
opener, rock & roll
have to play quick
btw songs feedback
a drunk girl asks
'what is it you
like about the band?'
a drunk reply,
'their energy.'

Geno's Rock Club: I went to see the Pubcrawlers at Geno's Rock Club.

Geno's Rock Club: The Pubcrawlers were a great punk show to see. They had more instruments than I've ever seen in a single band. (Except the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.)

Geno's Rock Club: Foosball.

Geno's Rock Club: Gino's. The end of a perfect day that seemingly began in Heaven with the churches and Boston Modern Orchestra Project around Bowdoin College, and ended w/ the Pubcrawlers at Geno's.