Augusta Maine Report, 101607

1.Walk to Work I like the hours I work; late afternoon to late night. The hours allow me to have my own time during the day. (I can even go outside if I want.)
The hours don't synchronize well with events that I keep seeing in the newspaper though. Events that, most of them, I have to drive to get there.

2.Car of Arms I've been driving a lot. I'm waiting for a call for an office in Nottingham to tell me my coat of arms is now a 'car' of arms. My rampant lions with be replaced with a rampant Crown Vic & a rampant van.

Driving Culture Tim Hortons, a Canadian franchise of drive-thru coffee houses, is taking advantage of the driving culture by placing their 24-hour stores along I-95 throughout Maine. They also take advantage of the few walker by offering inside seating. They have chicken fajitas, and iced-coffee. They are close to work. I am hooked on their large iced coffee: 3 creams, 2 sugars.

Gas Station Are gas station attendants comparable to bank tellers? When will our gas trucks be led in armed convoys like the tankers in Iraq? Or have armed drivers, or someone riding shotgun?