Augusta Maine Report, 101107

1.Development on Western Avenue in Augusta, Maine (Oct. 12, 2007)

2.Fireplace Weather: It's been mild and rainy in Augusta, Maine the past couple days. It's beautiful weather if you have a good jacket or umbrella. (Umbrellas are OK here, because you have less of an opportunity to poke someone in the eye as you would in a more pedestrian-friendly place.)
The weather is great depending on what your tastes are. (Paper or Plastic?) It would be nice to have a fireplace, or a camp fire.

Auto-Composting: With the help of the sliding rear window in the back of my truck cab, I was going to start a compost pile of apples cores and grapefruit peels in the bed. I'm still working out the bugs, literally; keep in the microbes, of course. I am starting this truck compost in an effort to make my truck more environmentally friendly.

(My photos finally ran for the Flip Cup story in the Express if you're in D.C. grab one.)