Augusta Maine Report, 100107

1.Development on Western Avenue in Augusta, Maine (Oct. 1, 2007)

2.I Live Between good and evil. It appears the devil is my neighbor. And he has a dirt bike.

3.Took a Detour last night walking home from work. I could see mist rising off the Kennebec River and over the city and walked to the Memorial Bridge.

4.Salt Water Air, I could smell it when I was on the bridge. I didn't think salt evaporated? And I thought that the sense of smell came from tiny particles in the air?

5.Augusta Lodges are nearly everywhere here. That's what I like to call these over-sized storybook houses packed with apartments, lodges. I named my own building, which has four apartments, The Weston Street Lodge.
(I sent a message to one of my landlords not thinking about 'The Weston Street Lodge' in my email signature. She liked it.)

6.Could One think that the less people there are, the more beautiful a place might be? Not I?