Your Call Cannot Be Accepted As Dialed

FINGERS DO THE WALKING?: I broke my phone on the rocks in Rockport, ME., a few days ago. I still haven't got it fix or a new phone. It might be a blessing in disguise. I have probably been calling my old friends too much, due to my, yet, lack of friends up here.
(My blog is a way I can communicate with other people, and I have been for 5 years or so now.) I go to the library to get Internet. Lithgow Library is only about a block from my house. And since I work evenings it is opened virtually all of my off hours. My boss says I should get Internet at home so I know what's going on in the world before I get to work. In a way that feels like I would be taking my work home with me. But when I thought about it again, that's what I would do anyway if I had Internet. Plus, since he is eventually requiring it, it is a definite tax write-off.
Doing 'the wire' news at work over the past couple days has made me feel more connected with the outside world. But living in Maine, feeling away from everything, and even having a broken cell phone seems exciting. However, it's just harder to get stuff done.
I'll probably order a new phone over the Internet today. Until I get one I'll continue practicing telepathy. If you feel me tuning into your head, please accept the charges. (Or make a tin foil hat.)