Sleep Augusta

Maine is a strange place, and Augusta is the capital. Yesterday a new guy moved into the Edwards House Inn, across the hall from me and down a little. I saw that he left his room door wide open as he came out of the bathroom.
"Hey, you shouldn't leave your door open like that when you go to the bathroom," I told him. "There are some real strange people around here."
He looked at me and patted me on the back, "Oh, thanks for telling me buddy."
Oh, crap! You're one of them, I thought immediately.
I came home from work last night and looked down a couple doors. Yup, the guy's door was open with an eerie glow. I went to sleep listening to him walk back and forth in the hall.
I woke up a couple hours later and went to use the bathroom. His door was still open. When I came back from the bathroom I had to check the closet and under the bed this guy was so creepy. When I finally started going to sleep I received a text message from "5000" that read, "/Message to room. not delivered - Invalid destination address. From: 5000 1:47 am 9/10/07."
Does anyone else think that's freaky?