The Population of Maine

I figured it out
over Labor Day
Weekend. I fit
in now.
In Augusta you
Are just the
same as you
are in a larger
city, only a
little bit dirtier.
It's like a
Scale from the
High Population
of metrosexuals,
which I don't think
I ever was (but being
around here makes
me feel like it in
the way that no
one cares about being
in good physical
condition), to the
low population of
farmland where
the men folk
are (supposed to be)
Covered in dirt and
oil. (mmm, it's
good for you.
Makes you live
longer ... and
die faster somehow.)
Augusta, Maine is
a city somewhere
in the middle
of clean and
dirty. Urban
and farmland,
somewhere in
the middle (to-
wards the
lower end of
the scale).
There are a
lot of the things
you want and
a lot of the things
you don't want!