Reminds Me of DC, Augusta

A couple of places here in Augusta remind me of DC, the Capitol Building reminds me of the Capitol Building, and the Old Federal Building here, reminds me of the Old Post Office Building in DC. Yesterday at work, I explained how it seemed like a lot of middle-aged people around here don't like me. Many are very short, and ill-mannered with me (I kind of like it). One of my co-workers, Andy said they can probably tell I'm from out of town. "Really?" I said. I guess that's another thing that reminds me of DC, or anywhere I end up, people always think I'm from out of town. My accent is from nowhere. I have no hometown. I feel very American though. I guess DC is as much of a hometown as I've ever had, it's the capital of my home. America. (In other news- large grapefruits are 2 for a dollar at Shaw's, the local supermarket.)