Life-Altering, Augusta

Yesterday it was hot as Hades here! I couldn't believe it. I just moved 500 miles north and I was sweating like crazy. I think the sweat destroyed my $9 Casio F-30 (made in Thailand), which I purchased only a month ago from the HIT WHOLESALE MART on 14th Street in DC. So I went to BIG LOTS on my way to work and got a $5 Athletic Works AW130 (made in China), which I like better because the date is readily available on the face of the watch. I also bought a new pair of New Balance shoes (made in the USA). And from a story that ran in the Kennebec Journal and the Morning Sentinel I found out that New Balance has 3 factories in Maine. On Friday one of the factories in the local town of Skowhegan had an accident resulting in the minor injury of an employee. They closed down for a day to investigate the factory's 130-year-old structure, which lead to the mishap. Man! Maine is old as Hades! (Makes me feel young.)