Leaving DC: Hanging in the Neighborhood

I walked around with Jenn. We went to a yard sale. She went to get food for her and Jeremy at Dos Gringos. I got upset about something I had to explain to her. She said it was because I was 7 years older than her, so I should expect to have to explain things from time to time. She said this while she was playing with toys at the counter of Dos Gringos. Later on Casey called me. We went to Marx Cafe. I drank a couple of Chimays on his tab. He told me one of the reason I wasn't successful at meeting women was because I am always wearing shirts from Nelly's, a local gay sports bar. I explained, "Hey, they're good quality shirts. And I got them for free from Jenn's landlord." Plus, I never thought Nelly's actually opened. I thought it was just a proposed gay bar that was still in the process of being built. Well, I'm off to Maine soon. My Nelly's shirts won't matter there. (They are awesome quality!)