Ruben & Mike's Wisconsin Adventure

Ruben drove me to a job interview in Marshfield, WI.- 300 miles in the middle of nowhere. It was agonizing. Through a thousand cornfields we finally found The Marshfield News-Herald. It is a small-town paper I am hoping to get a job at. However, I don't know how interested I seemed during the interview after the five-hour drive. I'm hoping I didn't give the wrong impression, maybe just indifferent. Ruben wanted to get the hell back to Chicago (understandably, he has a kid back here) so we didn't get to go on a shoot with the paper's photographer Dan Young. On the way back we blew a tire. No spare. Called the tow truck. I am broke after this trip and hope I get the job. Anyone have any connections in Marshfield? or w/ Gannett? Good thing we bought that case of Point Lager on the recommendation of my friend Erik Staffrude (Wisconsin native). Both Ruben and I needed one after that trip.