American Basement

Welcome to the good life
America welcomes you
and hopes you'll enjoy our many amenities
many of which ...
my, it's warm in here
it's warm outside
I got a tab going
just order
& leave outside

or go down the street
we're in the Basement of America now
the beer we got from upstairs
then we bring it down here
we're all loud
we're all drinking
we're all enjoying the music in this basement
everything on the walls points to France
but this is America
this is the Basement of America baybee
do you think the girls look like this in other countries?
well they do!
do you think the guys are this hansome?

and hey she's cute there
and so is she and she and she
and I didn't even see the other 2 girls
at that 3 girl table

just because I'm American?!
what you think because I'm American the world is under my thumb?
there's the nuke button
America baybee

I like that girl there
you can't call that
what "dibs" this is America beybe
oh you said "you called dibs"
this is America baybe!
maybe I should write that down
no I won't
yeah I did

sitting at the steps
I'm sitting at the steps I'm
sitting at the stepps I'm
sitting at the steps
people are waving
no one is dancing
bump bump bump
bump pun ump