Cindy Sheehan Visits DC

I just happened to be mailing a bill near the White House when Cindy Sheehan's caravan pulled up. If you've forgotten who she is -- the outraged mother who lost her son, a Marine, in Iraq. Instead of sitting at home grieving, she hit the road to Crawford, Tx. to confront President Bush and question him about a war it seems most of the U.S. doesn't agree with. Usually when I'm asked about Sheehan I say that she is bringing attention to something that needs attention brought to it. But having been a Marine I also understand that when you sign on the dotted line, you may end up giving the ultimate sacrifice. A couple months ago I told my 71-year-old, cancer-fighting mom this. Mom didn't agree, "If you would have died over there [in Afghanistan] I would have killed someone!"