Internationally Vagrant

This is an Anti-Communist China woman from Siberia. Her sign says she was held in a Siberian Concentration Camp. I tried to understand what I could. One thing is for sure, if she were a citizen of the United States she would vote for Bush. She had all kinds of Pro-Bush pins and items. I couldn't understand why, until I saw that one of her signs read that she was seeking political asylum in the United States. She isn't the only international homeless person I've met. One of my good friends, The Bum Isaac, is also internationally homeless. The man speaks nearly every European language. In the summer he is usually here in DC. In the winter he takes the Greyhound south down to Florida. Last week Isaac got his passport from the North Holland Embassy; he is a resident of North Holland. He told everyone at Swing's Coffee Shop that he was off to South America last Friday. We suspect that is where he is.