Start My Day with a Bang

Today my sister Patti took me looking for loading dock photos I needed for an illustration in a 2nd grade social studies text. We went to a Cox Lumber in Ocala, Fl. I took a decent shot of their loading docks. We went down the highway a little further until we saw another industrial complex. Inside the office I talked to Ty. He said, "Sure, we can help you out." "What type of distribution center is this again," I asked. "TNT Fireworks," he replied.

Johnny Rocket-Seed

My niece Taira's boyfriend, Johnny, was pulling his Harley Fatboy out for a cruise as soon as we arrived back from the fireworks warehouse. Of course I couldn't ride on the back! ... What kind of man do you think I am!? (Okay, I went for a little ride through the yard.)

Home Clinic

I also needed a photo of disinfectant being sprayed in a clinic or hospital. Because my Mom is fighting cancer she had enough props around the house to play the part of the patient, and to give the kitchen wall the clinical look. My niece Carol (who wishes to pursue a career in the medical profession when she graduates) was getting ready for bed in her scrubs. Perfect.