Stakeout at the National Zoo

I arrived at the National Zoo around 7:15 am. This was the perfect time to catch one of the Giant Pandas eating it's morning bamboo. I was the only spectator during the Panda's half-hour meal. The entire time his butt sat in one place while he hunched and laid flat on his back as the eating situation called for.

. . .

I was looking at a mother and baby elephant. A loud shrill sounded from the elephants' barn. The mother elephant reacted with a defensive stance and stare. I thought the shrill was an elephant being treated by the vet, then discovered it was a saw cutting through material being used by some construction workers. The mother looked irritated so I left.

. . .

After waiting and watching these two young giraffes eat all morning they finally became full and decided to play ... and I got the photo of necking giraffes I needed. Necking is actually how adult male giraffes fight. These Dr Suess-esque animals look so peaceful it's no wonder people mistake necking for a sign of affection.