The National Aquarium DC, $5 Voyage

This is the second time I've come to the National Aquarium this weekend. Although it costs $5 to get in the animals are starting to grow on me. (I already think I deserve to pet the giraffes at the zoo.) I've seen Sea Turtles swimming out in the center of the Atlantic Ocean and wondered what they were doing there. Of course I felt bad when I saw this Logger Head Sea Turtle with no other Sea Turtle or at least a fish to play with, even a dead fish. It sure was interested in my wide-angle lens. He started bumping his nose against the glass and I felt bad, like a fake friend, so I left.

. . .

I don't know much about Alligator Gars, but I now have another reason not walking through any swamps Down South. I do know I like the Gars' fake Cypress Tree swamp habitat at the National Aquarium.