Insanely Playful Squirrel

Me and my friend Brandon were sitting on the bench across the street from the DC City Court House when I noticed this squirrel chasing another squirrel. Then I started watching it through my lens ... I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The squirrel was playing with a branch. "Dude, look at this crazy squirrel," I told Brandon. It was soo playful I couldn't believe it. I thought it might have been bitten by a bug or something. It ran up the tree trunk and did a flip landing on its feet and started rolling around with the stick again. Brandon suggested it might have rabies and started making the squirrel sound. I took his suggestion for real and told him to be quite so it didn't attack. While we watched it ball-up and roll down the hill, and repeat this several times. "it might be a government experiment animal," I said. Wouldn't it be cool if they bred park squirrels to do tricks for you while you sat on the bench?