Borrow a Bag of Bags

I needed to package the CDs I burnt to send as inquiries to photo agencies. I decided that a nice brown wrapper would look the cleanest and be the cheapest. I didn't have any bags so I called up my friend M.E. Sprengelmeyer. He said to stop over and he'd run me some down from his apartment. Then he told me to check out yesterday's yard sale on the way home.

William Eggleston-esque Yard Sale

I checked out the remnants of yesterday's yard sale at the corner of 18th and Park Rd NW. It reminded me of a place I might have bumped into the photographer William Eggleston.

Recycled Packaging

It makes me feel good that I can put paper bags to such good use. I think they have a great nostalgic look. Too bad postage isn't recyclable.