The Day After Cinco De Mayo Party

First thing this morning I walked out the door and got a free Brita filter from the District of Columbia for having lead filled pipes. My sweetness of the day didn't stop there; I completed my last video class today. After class there were the all-senior show and the graphic design openings to visit. After the shows everyone hit the Corcoran Parking lot for the "Day-After Cinco De Mayo Party!" The last time I saw such skilled break dancing is a toss-up between mid-90s house parties in Pittsburgh and recess at any of several elementary school I attended in the mid-80s in Orange County. Seana and Alan weren't breaking but they had great time. Seana also won the hot pepper eating contest.

. . .

This is Chad and Sara. They are always sitting under these trees by the E St exit of the gallery. They are taking a little break from the party.