March for Women's Lives 2004

Some organizers say the number of protestors today reached over 1 million. The Metropolitan Police released the more conservative estimate of 800,000 protestors. I went to the Ellipse, the park between the White House and the Washington Monument. There was a picket line that could possibly have reached over a hundred thousand people. It was an amazing site. In the future I imagine they'll have booths set up offering free abortions. I wish they had food vendors too.

March for Abortion Doctors' Jobs

I saw these two abortion doctors marching past the Washington Monument and asked their names. The woman was stand-offish and then just said, "No." I understood why later. It's a touchy thing being an abortion doctor. A lot of folks don't like them. I don't think I could have one as a friend ... It would be weird. Who do they hang out with? Undertakers and embalmers?