A Full Moon Day

While I was walking down to school to take some studio shots I came across this cab that was charred in front of the Jefferson Hotel at 1200 16th St NW. The cab driver, who retrieved his information from the glove compartment after the fire, was not injuried. He said it was an engine fire. I say it was Iraqi oil!

. . .

While I was walking back toward Mount Pleasant with my friend Don a man ran past us. It was strange though. He was not in running clothes, nor did he look like he ever ran before. A couple seconds later another similar man ran past and I took his picture.

. . .

While I was walking past Mount Pleasant and Irving Sreets I saw a 42 bus with a "Emergency" then a "Call Police" sign displayed were it would normally show the route name and number. I think in this picture it says something like "Call Rency" because it was changing. Oh, I called 911 right after I took this picture.