<--- Getting Around in the Cold --->

My neighborhood has a lot of bicyclists, especially in the summer. I'd rather walk than ride a bike when the weather is too cold. I ended up taking the bus home tonight. When I got to Mt Pleasant I did a little grocery shopping. I found a great place to buy the good Bowl 'O Noodles, with the dehydrated vegetables packet and seasoning packet. I use to buy the noodles at 7-Eleven (below). At the Super Save Market three doors down they're half the price.

I met my friend Chris at McDonald's and got a couple hamburgers. After I ate them I was still hungry so I went to the counter to order another. I looked down at the register and saw a roach on the counter. I pointed. The girl at the register was startled. Then she grabbed the counter clothe, swatted the roach to the floor and stomped it. She looked back at me. It was a strange moment. It was repulsive, but it takes more than that for me to loose my appetite.